We accelerate innovation with precision

Made In Barcelona

We accelerate innovation with precision

Made in Barcelona

We accelerate innovation with precision

Made in Barcelona

We accelerate innovation with precision

Made in Barcelona

We accelerate innovation with precision

Made in Barcelona

We accelerate innovation with precision

Made in Barcelona



We are a company specialized in the manufacture of highly complex and high-value plastic and metal parts, using the most advanced CNC machining technologies.

We produce one-off parts, prototypes and short series manufactured entirely in our technical center in Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona.

We offer advanced manufacturing solutions to a wide range of industries including the Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Tooling, Science, Energy and Design

+25 yearsof experience

+100K precisionparts

CNC Technologystate-of-the-art

QualityISO 9001:2015

High added value CNC Machining

Every part is produced with proud and precision at our factory by our talented engineers and machinists. Quality control standards are guaranteed during all process. One to one customer service, we are part of your team.

With our state-of-the-art machinery we manufacture your projects with the highest quality and precision.

We have produced + 100K high precision parts for +250 customers in the most strategic market industries.

We offer you our technical advice and personalized attention in each project. We work together as part of your team.


Blumeprot Production Finishing Quality & Checking Development Materials

Blumeprot dispone de una amplia gama para ofrecerle la máxima calidad en sus proyectos. Conozca en detalle nuestras tecnologías, materiales y acabados de última generación para la producción de piezas únicas, prototipos y series personalizadas.

To produce just one-off part, a few prototypes or short series, Blumeprot offers you the technical solutions to cover all your needs. With a first-class human and productive infrastructure, we can tackle even the most demanding projects, offering a fast, efficient, flexible and precise service. We use the most up-to-date equipment and tailored production for high added-value parts.

Blumeprot offers you different surface finishing technologies for your components as part of its integral manufacturing service. Whatever your needs, we offer you a complete service of technical coatings: protective, aesthetical or enhancing property materials, with high added value for your parts.

Blumeprot is committed to manufacturing CNC machined components to the highest quality standards. This has been achieved by implementing a Quality Management System under the strict ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our state-of-the-art technologies and CMM measuring services always allow us to offer a complete quality control.

From concept to final product: design, engineering and production for your projects.

Technical, aesthetical and production requirements.

Material analysis, processes and improvements.

To achieve the best performance and surface finishing parts, it is essential to work with the latest and most advanced materials, produced under the highest quality standards. Blumeprot has an extensive experience in the machining and processing of engineering plastics, metals, composites and exotic materials. We can offer you an extensive catalogue of industry approved materials for Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Scientific and Mobility applications that suits your production needs.

Aceleramos la innovación con precisión

We accelerate innovation with precision to contribute positively to the development and improvement of society, by rapidly and efficiently manufacturing high value-added products and equipment using the latest CNC technologies.

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